Some people are ashamed of Spanish in Miami. Wait, what?
, The World in Words
Reported essay, 20 min.

Sin Vergüenza, Duolingo Spanish podcast
Essay, 20 min.

A massive ICE raid in this town didn’t stop undocumented labor — or illegal immigration, PRI’s Global Nation
Investigative series, three 5-min. pieces

Your Machu Picchu Tinder photo makes me angry. But I’ll get over it., PRI’s The World
Short essay, 5 min.

Hate crimes that don’t make headlines, Latino USA
Reported story, 9 min.

Jennine Capo Crucet’s imagination, Spark, from WLRN Public Media
Long interview, 30 min.
During my tenure at WLRN in Miami, FL, I launched the station’s first podcast, and hosted one of its breakout episodes. It’s an interview with one of my writing idols, a fellow Miami girl.


The Conversation
What it is: Limited-run narrative interview podcast (pre-launch).
What I do: Producer, sound designer, audio editor and engineer.

National Domestic Workers Alliance
What it is: Experimental audio storytelling (pre-launch).
What I do: Executive producer, content development, host coaching, sound designer, audio editor and engineer.

What it is: Limited-run internal storytelling project (pre-launch).
What I do: Producer, host, sound designer, audio editor and engineer.

Love Letters
What it is: Narrative podcast from the Boston Globe.
What I do: Mixing and mastering engineer.

Talking Machines
What it is: Segmented interview podcast about artificial intelligence.
What I do: Audio editor.