The secret world of beer

Florida’s beer drinkers have a reason to learn their local politics this legislative session: Plantation Democrat Rep. Katie Edwards is pushing a bill that she says would help the state’s microbreweries up their business.
Back-end details of the food and beverage industries seldom make it to mainstream press. The people charged with covering dining and drinking scenes are more interested in the end product rather than industry logistics, permits or laws shaping their beats.

But I’m interested.

Beer business in South Florida is restricted by zoning laws and retail permits — “We don’t know where to put ya! Are you a bar or a factory?” — which delays the area in the game of beer catch-up it’s playing with the rest of the country.

So when a new legislator speaks up for the benefit of the producers, it’s a big deal. Consumers may not care about big growlers — the law would permit the sale of 64-ounce bottles rather than only 32 — but the news is important because of its implications. The state capitol has noticed this growing trend and is looking to secure it’s prosperity.

I’ve grown with the beer scene in my hometown and the surrounding cities. I feel like a part of the “movement” so many of my brewer-sources speak of.

This isn’t only a post about the importance of background information even in features or entertainment journalism. It’s about the emotional attachment beat reporters develop for their chosen topics.


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