#TBT: Yiya’s Bakery

On Throwback Thursdays, I will post a photo and blurb from a dish I had long ago, whether at home or around town.

Chocolate croissants are a food item I have longed for since my days in college, when I used to hang out at the Special Tea lounge. The tea house always posts Facebook photos of their freshly baked delights, and every time I tried to go for a chocolate croissant, they were out. That’s why I’m thankful for Yiya’s on 79th Street.

One day, I brought my reluctant boyfriend along on a trip to Hialeah for some sort of legal something-or-other. On our way back, and my way to work, we got hungry and decided to stop by the stylish Cuban bakery standing next to a Taco Bell and some nefarious-looking buildings just off U.S. 1.

There is a large painting of a fat-bottomed Cubana on the West wall of the restaurant. There are others like it inside.

We sat at a table adorned with this image: 

We ate ropa vieja, pan con lechon, and the fabled chocolate croissant. I was not one bit uncomfortable about the huge ass at my table as I gorged myself with the chocolate-y goodness.

Sadly, I didn’t have the good sense to take photos of the food. That, or I was just really sofa-king hungry.