Hi, I’m Maria.

I try to visit a new country every year and wander in the woods at least once a season. I hope to call myself an author in a year or two.

I started out writing novels in little lock-up diaries when I was about 8, and eventually got a gig writing about beer at a big metro daily. It took about 14 years.

I’ve been a reporter, producer and editor for the better part of a decade, but I got into journalism because my whole life, I’ve been a writer.

These days I’m producing podcasts (and hosting my own!) and working on a collection of short stories. I just got off a public media wild ride covering politics and immigration. Here are some of my favorite projects and stories.

The through line of all my work is my interest in people. I hope my writing and reporting can be educational — for me and for others — about the way people live and feel, and about the way reality is different depending on where (and how) you live.

I’m available for editing, reporting and audio production work. Holler!

sun of the motherland
rare photo of me wearing a hat.